Oxfam Crusader 7’s Club is a unique rugby sevens club based in Norfolk, in the UK. The club exists to fundraise voluntarily in aid of Oxfam and bring exposure to the invaluable work the charity does around the world. Fundamentally, we are a group of best friends who love the reason we play the best game in the world and the game itself.

We firmly believe that through the game of sevens, we can help end poverty sooner.

Born out of a wish to do something positive in memory of her Grandmother, Oxfam Crusaders co-founder (and now head of our medical team) Eleanor Boyce decided to run the London Marathon and pledged to Oxfam as her Grandmother had been a lifelong supporter. Oxfam Crusader 7’s Club was created to help her achieve that goal and helped her reach her financial pledge target.

It soon became clear that all those involved wanted to make a longer-term commitment to the amazing work that Oxfam do and that 7’s was an ideal vehicle both to fundraise in support of Oxfam but also promote the work that the charity does around the world.


All involved with the club are voluntary and this is something we are very proud of.

Where allowed, we undertake collections at tournaments to help raise funds. ALL winnings and collections are given directly to Oxfam and the whole club shares a massive commitment to raising as much as possible. This has amounted to a significant sum since our conception in 2012. Moreover and more often, we pride ourselves on bringing exposure to the charity through a unique way.

We rely on the talent of our players and the amazing generosity of the tournament crowds to help us help Oxfam.


Our focus in the 2020 season, for the next couple of seasons, will be to support and promote Oxfam’s WASH campaign. This campaign is around Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and will work with projects that integrate sustainable and local innovation to meet the needs of the poorest in 52 different countries.


Find out more about WASH here and find out what you can do to help #endpovertysooner, either through our club or elsewhere.