We believe strongly in service, quality and design. We make all our products to the highest quality, accompanied by a sales and design team who are passionate for innovation, excellence and good service. We are a fresh company creating an exciting and original product to the highest standard, from design to delivery.

Zoo Sport have been our long standing kit provider and last season we were delighted to sign a deal with Zoo for the foreseeable future. We understand how important kit is in the world of sevens and moreover as a charity team. We have always had very strong and crazy designs for our kit and Zoo have always delivered. Beyond this, the generosity they have shown us a charity team and the service with attention to detail with each project has been unparalleled.


We are very proud to have Zoo Sport as kit partners and friends.

WEBSITE: www.zoo-sport.co.uk/

EMAIL: sales@zoosport.net

PHONE: +44 [0] 113 386 7590

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