twenty twenty one

Well, that was a ballache...

Whilst we knew this season was going to be tough, we perhaps didn't estimate how tough - with consideration to injuries, life events, unavailabilities and of course, Covid. However, we did preempt that this season would be very much about surviving and not necessarily thriving and on that note, it's mission accomplished.

That said, to have had the opportunity to have played sevens - at all - in such a climate and after the last 18 months is something we'll never take for granted or forget. Our utmost thanks must go to our opponents, hosts, tournament organisers, sponsors, partners and club members for allowing us to do that.

We will take the lessons we have learned and the foundations we have laid from 2021 into 2022. This will be our 10th anniversary year and a season that we hope will be our biggest and best yet. As ever, we won't be able to do this on our own and we would invite anyone interested in joining our club to contact us through our website. We have opportunities for players, player sponsors, club members, partners and beyond. We'd love to welcome you into our club.

Finally, a shout to Oxfam - the reason we exist and the reason we lose the skin on our knees.

Thank you for giving us something to play for once again - as we have always said, if us existing and playing rugby turns just one person to you and the invaluable work you do, then we have succeeded.