Our focus in the 2020 season will once again to be to support and promote in aid of Oxfam’s WASH campaign. This campaign is around Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and will work with projects that integrate sustainable and local innovation to meet the needs of the poorest in 52 different countries.

The work encompasses public health emergency responses in humanitarian crisis, as well as a holistic, adaptable and sustainable water resource management approach for development projects including governance of water resources.

The work means ensuring equitable access to water in both quantity and quality, which prevents disease and sustains lives and livelihoods; reducing environmental health risks by managing sanitation  safely and with dignity; and, involving women and men in managing water and sanitation resources and safe hygiene practices to maximise the benefits for their communities.

Oxfam Crusader 7's are delighted to be supporting and fundraising in aid of such a cause and feel through this specific area of fundraising we can help and cover all of Oxfam's angles and ambitions - where we can.

Predominantly, we hope that at the very least, we draw attention to this work on a unique platform.

We know we will, as ever, have the support of so many generous people on our journey and through sevens we can all make a difference.